39 Years Of Excellence

Established in 1982, Givony is a leading global brand with a large and diverse portfolio of smart high-end business accessories. Committed to premium quality and enhanced by expert customer service and logistics, Givony's products can be customized according to specific brand identity.

Givony is an exclusive brand owned by Zeus Group, which specializes in product design and development for promotions, sales and brand enhancement. Over the years, Zeus Group has gradually expanded Givony's product portfolio from expert-crafted wallets and briefcases to notebooks, memo pads, backpacks and a wide selection of travel accessories. Givony products are complemented by the Group's expert customer service, global distribution network, advanced corporate policies and cutting-edge technology.

Why Go with Givony?
In today's world, premium businesses need to send a premium message. Givony's products are ideal as giveaways at conventions and conferences. They're perfect as meeting icebreakers. They serve as wonderful gifts for employees. Their high quality makes them very attractive. Regardless of your target audience, Givony's gifts provide a valuable competitive edge.


Stands Out

Expert Craftsmanship.

Premium Results.

Givony's premium products are a cut above the rest. Our portfolio blends powerful classic designs with today's dynamic trends, to create items that are elegant, luxurious, innovative and timeless.

Our leather-based products are made from high-quality leather and employ top-notch craftsmanship. But fine leather is just the tip of the iceberg. Many of Givony's products are made from recyclable and sustainable materials, in accordance with today's growing environmental awareness and dynamic business needs. After carefully selecting specific materials for design, we choose the most appropriate method to stamp your logo and key message onto your chosen product.

Over the years, countless leading businesses worldwide have benefitted from Givony's uncompromising quality and commitment to professionalism. If you want to reinforce your brand, choose a partner that delivers premium product and service. Choose Givony.

Givony Goes Global

Givony's worldwide distributer network ensures fast item delivery, no matter where you are. 
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